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   Countercurrent pellet cooler 

Countercurrent pellet cooler mainly used for cooling the pellet to cooperate the work of making pellet in the factory. It can decrease high temperature more higher than room temperaturea in a short time. so to make sure the whole production line continue and easy to storage,keeping and transitting.

performance character
1,low energe wastage,In the countercurrent cooler,Cool air are through the material in a vertical counter direction.The fresh air first meet bottom pellet,then through the pillar,gradually meet the top hot pellet.The cooling temperature is almost the same as the initial pellet entering temperature.That is to say the air take away the most energe. Comparatively,And need less cooling air.So we can use smaller wind machine.

2,cooling equally,Because the cooling air go throuth the bottom gradually and equally to the top and then expel.The difference in temeperature of the pellet in the same level is small.

3,Good pellet quality.The pellet which the air meet in the bottom is the cooled the pellet. And the air becomes hotter as ascending.When the air arrives the top,the pellet meets the hot air.The temperature between the various hiberarchy pellet and the air decrease to the least,which avoid to the pellet crack and break when they meet the prompting cool air.This cooler can improve finished product's quality

4,no cooling congeal dew.In the counter air cooler,because the air are strongly heaten,in the process of cooling the air temperature keep up to the dew,so that is the reason of no congeal dew.


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