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   Hammer mill 

Wood Crusher 
The Crusher is used to crush the branches and small size wood or log into particles ,which it is the first step of making charcoal. 

9FQ System Hammer mill This hammer mill is adjusted and developed for suitable for crushing the wood pallet, branch trees ,etc ,also for kinds straw of grains.
Hammer mill work on the principle that most materials will crush or pulverize upon impact using the following steps:
Firstly,Material is fed into the mill's chamber typically by gravity. 
The second,the material is struck by ganged hammers (rectangular pieces of hardened steel) which are attached to a shaft which rotates at high speed inside the chamber. The material is crushed or shattered by the repeated hammer impacts, collisions with the walls of the grinding chamber, as well as particle on particle impacts. 
The third,perforated metal screens, or bar grates covering the discharge opening of the mill retains coarse materials for further grinding while allowing the properly sized materials to pass as finished product. 
Varying the screen size, shaft speed, or hammer configuration can dramatically alter the finished size of the product being ground. Faster speed, a smaller screen, and more hammers result in a finer end product. Each component can be changed individually or in any combination to produce the precise grind required. All of this is determined by taking advantage of our free of charge test grinding service.




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